Window Replacement Trends for 2016

georgia homeYour house is an extension of who you are. It is where you hang your hat and your favorite photos of your favorite people. This is why you care so much about making your home the best it can be. These 2016 design trends can help you to keep your home looking its best and also performing its best with replacement windows for every style of home under the sun.

1950-esque Silhouettes

Vintage homes are hidden gems in the real estate marketplace. Though they take some sprucing up, the end results of remodeling an older home can be breathtakingly beautiful. It simply takes a bit of patience. One problem with these nostalgic homesteads are their energy draining windows. Letting in cold air in winter and hot air in summer, half the battle of remaking an older home is in window replacement. Try Renewal by Andersen’s Double Hung windows which help you stay true to your home’s nostalgic roots while keeping the elements at bay. The window installation company boasts of a special Fibrex composite material in all of their window options that make their windows energy efficient and are perfect for older homes.

Timeless Traditional

If you are a movie buff, Father of the Bride housed perhaps the best example of a traditional home ever on the big screen, complete with the white picket fence of your dreams. In a world constantly moving forward, tradition can be comforting. To keep your traditional home looking timeless and fresh, try Renewal by Andersen’s Bay and Bow windows for a classically charming vibe that will make every other house on the block eager to cross over to the sunny side of the street.

Sustainable, Green Structures

Environmentally friendly homes are on trend and ever increasing in number. Designed to conserve energy, these hip homes are showing up energy guzzling houses all around the block. Get on board with this terrific trend and opt for energy efficient windows that will cut costs, keep out the elements and save you money on your power bill. Replace old windows with Renewal’s Casement windows, the brand’s most energy efficient style, to help reduce costs and stop any drafts. With weather-tight seals, this window also works in reverse. Simply crank the window out to let the fresh air come in.

bright living room

Unique Digs

Modern homes are unique and wildly creative. From old warehouses to churches transformed into livable spaces, today’s trending spaces think outside the box. To update a special home… you need a special window. Renewal’s specialty windows are custom built windows that are perfectly designed to fit your home’s needs and styles. Also, try their sliding doors for added function in a space that was not originally designed to perform as a living quarters.

Natural Nests

Homes with a view are becoming more and more popular, opting for more land over more house. Think tree houses in the middle of the brush, farmhouses overlooking a horse farm and cottages nestled out by the bay. To celebrate a home with a view, a picture window is the perfect pairing. These simplistic beauties allow you to enjoy the beauty all around you.

Country Coops

Return to a simpler time with a southern style home with a rocking chair front porch. Perfect for sipping tea on a sleepy Sunday, these homes are perfect for family living. No southern home would be complete without an eat-in kitchen. For added ventilation for pies that sit in the oven a smidge too long, Renewal’s awning windows are the way to go, allowing you to let smoke out quickly.

From chic city living to nostalgic spaces, everyone has a different idea of what home should look like. However, everyone can agree on where it should be… And that is where the heart is.