What A Good Mover Can Do For You

The young happy couple looking around their new apartment. Moving purchase of new habitation.

Does the thought of moving from one apartment to another, one home to another or one office to another send your mind and your “to do” list into overdrive?  Do you worry that you won’t have enough time or enough friends to help on the big day?  If you think that nobody could understand or have the wherewithal to help with such a monumental task, remember that there are great Raleigh NC movers who will not only understand, but also help to remove the stress that can pop up at any given moment when you’re faced with the prospect of moving.  From the initial planning stage, to discussion of logistics to packing, a good, reputable mover can:


  1. Get you organized from the very beginning

– Analyze the size of your apartment, home or office and items involved prior to your move

Once your mover has a full overview of what they’re dealing with, you will be ready to discuss fees (which are probably more reasonable than you think), as well as what moving option would work best based on your budget.  Don’t be afraid to set budget parameters at the very beginning: your mover will appreciate your honesty and will be able to tailor a moving plan that stays within your budget.

– Discuss—room by room—the best way to pack and when to start based on your schedule

There are different methods of packing depending on what you’re moving.  A good mover will tell you what would work best for you.

– Talk about the benefit of making checklists

If you’re not the type to make lists, you may want to seriously reconsider.  Lists really are a lifesaver, especially for something as important as a big move.  You may be surprised at how many simple things can slip your mind if you haven’t written them down.


  1. Ensure that you have what you need, when you need it

Moving is one of the most daunting tasks there is.  There are many things to think about, such as:


– Boxes

– Protective wrapping

– The best kind of truck to use

– How many people you’ll need to help


Men working for a moving services company unloading a sofa from a truck

Men working for a moving services company unloading a sofa from a truck

Although they may sound like simple things at first glance, thinking about them as it relates to your move could send even the most organized person into a tizzy.  A good mover will make sure you have the materials, staff, and a truck that will work best for your specific type of move—all while keeping your budget in mind.


  1. Get everything there on time, and with care

A good and reputable mover will:

– Evaluate all of your possessions—even the most delicate ones—to ensure that they are handled with care before, during, and after they arrive to your destination.  This includes honoring specific instructions and requests you may have.

– If you wish, carefully unpack and/or reassemble any items that required disassembling in order to be moved

– Ensure that your items reach their destination on time


Whether a large or a small one, the prospect of moving can be quite overwhelming if you have not properly planned at every step of the way.  Don’t be afraid to seek the services of Raleigh NC movers.  You will find that having assistance with planning, logistics, and extra helping hands will ensure a smooth, successful move.

A locally recommended moving company in Raleigh is Stewart Moving & Storage. They’ve helped countless local residents and have built up a tremendous reputation in the area.