The Right Way to Clean Your Carpets

vJ - vacuum job

When it comes to the carpet in your home, you may not notice it deteriorating over time. While some may be tempted to try and clean their carpet by themselves, different materials require different cleaners. They also can add new sealants to your carpet and prevent staining and matting. Finding a professional carpet cleaner in Indianapolis, like All Brite Chem-Dry to regularly clean your carpets and rugs can extend their life and save you money in the long run.

A carpet cleaning company will be familiar with different types of carpet and will be able to efficiently get the job done. By using the wrong products, it is possible to stain or damage your carpet instead of cleaning it. With some of the more tightly knit carpets, its possible for them to retain water, which can eventually lead to mold. This might require replacement of the carpet. For this reason, a shag carpet cannot be cleaned the same way  you would clean a Berber carpet. Because of the different designs they can hold dirt and soil differently as well.

When it comes to dirt and soil the carpet in you home will typically come with a resistant coating on it. This coating wears off in time, leaving you vulnerable to staining and wear and tear. Another benefit of rug cleaning and carpet cleaning is the prevention of matting. Matting is what happens when dirt has built up, causing the carpet fibers stick together. If this is left to continue, it could ruin the carpet and require replacement. The chemicals they use can re-apply that sealant that has worn off. In some cases, a carpet cleaner will give you a warranty on their work, or the sealant they placed.

In addition to helping out with the carpet, most cleaners will also do  upholstery cleaning. Couches, chairs and other furniture all have that same needs as your carpet. They need to be cleaned and maintained. If you are worried about staining or dirt build-up they can also apply a resistant treatment to these materials. In most cases upholstery cleaning is a quick and easy process that can be scheduled the same time as your carpet cleaning. Specials are also available depending on the size of the room or added cleaning.

If you decide not to schedule an appointment and instead do it yourself, you could just be covering up the problem. A standard vacuum bought in the store doesn’t remove all of the dirt in your carpets. Remaining dirt and soil can be ground into the fibers by normal foot traffic. When this dirt is left too long in the fibers it can have a sandpaper affect, grinding away at the base of your carpet. Once these fibers have worn away, there is no cheap way to replace them. Typically buying new carpet is whats needed.

Buying carpet is not cheap, nor is it cheap to reupholster your furniture. In most cases it is often better to invest your time and money in your current carpet than spend much more to buy a new one. It is recommended that you get your carpet cleaned once every six months, up to a year at most. During the summer months is when the cleaners are most popular. Be sure to check with cleaners in your area to find a good appointment time and see if they have any specials available.