How to Clean Your Furniture And Rugs After Your Pet Makes A Mess

Having a pet can be a great thing. A pet is just like a member of the family. When you come home at the end of the day, there is someone waiting. You always have someone to curl up next to you on the couch after a long day, and pets give you unconditional love. While pets are great, they can be a hassle at times. When you first bring a pet home, it is not uncommon for him to have an accident on the rug while he is getting used to the home. Older, housebroken pets get sick from time to time, and they can make a mess on the floor or the furniture. If this happens, it is important that you know how to properly clean the carpet. Pet stain removal is not your typical carpet cleaning. These are steps that you would need to take that you wouldn’t need to if you were cleaning your carpet that is dirty due to normal wear and tear. Removing the odor is the most important thing. If your pet makes a mess on the rug, and it is not properly cleaned up, the pet or other pets in the house will keep using that spot to mess on.

cute puppy making a mess


What You Will Need:

It is a good idea to gather all of the items that you will need before you start cleaning the stain.


  1. Patience- You should understand that it is not your pet’s fault that he made a mess on the rug. He didn’t do it on purpose, therefore, you should be patient with him.
  2. Paper towels
  3. Large bucket
  4. Warm water
  5. Hard bristle brush
  6. Mild cleanser
  7. Baking soda
  8. Vacuum Cleaner
  9. Scented carpet powder
  10. “No Go”


Step 1 Blot the Mess

If there is any solid waste on the rug, pick that up first. Next, blot up the mess with paper towels. You don’t want to rub the stain, as rubbing the stain will make it worse. Blot the mess until the paper towel has soaked up most of the mess.


Step 2 Prepare the Cleanser

In a large bucket, combine a gallon of water with two cap fulls of a mild cleanser.


Step 3 Scrub the Stain

Using a hard bristle brush, scrub the stain with the water and cleanser mix. You should dip the brush into the bucket and scrub the mess a few times. Next, rinse the brush off in the bucket and scrub the mess again. Continue to do this until the mess has been washed clean.


Step 4 Blot the Treated Area

Using the paper towels, you should blot the area that you treated. Do not scrub, because the paper towel will rip apart.


Step 5 Sprinkle with Baking Soda

After you have blotted up most of the moisture, you should sprinkle the treated area with baking soda. Not only will it help the area dry faster, it will also get rid of the smell. You should leave the baking soda over the treated area for at least an hour or two.


Step 6 Vacuum

After the area is completely dry, vacuum up any leftover baking soda. You don’t want to leave any on the floor for your pet to get into. If you have a scented carpet powder, you can use that before you use a vacuum. It will help get rid of any remaining odors.


Step 7 Safeguard

The best way to keep your pet from messing on the same spot again is to use a product called “No Go”.  It is designed to keep pets away from areas that they have recently had an accident.


Treating Pet Stains on Furniture

To treat a pet stain on furniture, you would follow the same steps as above. You should avoid sitting on the treated area for 24 hours after. The water that you used to clean the mess will seep deeper into furniture than it would in the carpet, therefore, it will take longer for the furniture to dry.


Part of having a pet means cleaning up a mess or two once in a while. Pets have accidents and they get sick. If your pet has an accident, you should not stress over it. The mess can be easily cleaned. If you do so properly, your pet should not return and make a mess there again. If your pet does make a mess, take a few deep breaths and relax. It is part of life and it is part of having a pet.