Finding A Solution For Pet Waste

There are many problems and complications that come with being a pet owner, but with those negatives come all of the positives! While it may be like raising a child sometimes, the many benefits and joys that come with owning a pet greatly outshine the cons. Whether you own a dog, a cat, a horse, or something entirely different, there’s one thing that all pets share: the need to relieve themselves.

Unfortunately, this can cause complications, depending on your living situation. If you are a dog owner who lives in an apartment complex, picking up and cleaning dog waste can be a huge hassle. Luckily, I’ve come across an awesome company that has developed a solution for everyone who has to deal with pet waste.


Apartment complex owners, home owners, and everyone in between can rejoice! DoodyCalls Direct, a company I recently was directed to through a colleague of mine, specializes in dog waste bags, and pet waste stations. This is an absolute life-saver.

Being in touch with many property owners in the area, I know one of their biggest hassles on a weekly basis is dealing with all of the pet waste that tends to accumulate around the apartment complex. When it rains, snows, or is extremely hot, the waste can quickly become a gross, unavoidable problem. This is where DoodyCalls comes in! Originally created for home owners to have an easy, convenient way to dispose of pet waste, DoodyCalls eventually branched out into their additional company that is specifically targeted for property owners and those who manage community spaces.

We all know that pet waste is unhealthy and disgusting. Deciding on the right product and way to handle it can be an issue you don’t want to deal with. Luckily, DoodyCalls has sustainable, eco-friendly waste bags and stations that you can set up directly in the community space! The convenience of having dog waste bags and dog waste stations in the middle of the pet area will help pet owners to easily and quickly pick up and dispose of the waste.

So, ready to get started with a green, environmentally-friendly solution to all of your poo problems? Contact DoodyCalls Direct today to get started! They have an easy to use website, and provide an awesome service.