Countertop Trends For 2016

granite counters

Current and trending, from traditional options to modern muses, these countertop choices in Northern Virginia are hot for the new year, taking your kitchen from drab to fab. Whether you are interested in granite for a timeless yet current look or something a little bit different, your countertop is the backdrop for your entire space. It pulls together your favorite themes, chic designs and bold color schemes, making for a look that is cohesive and fresh. From chic and charming to bold and colorful, check out the trends that will carry your kitchen into a bright new year of togetherness.


Granite Countertops in Deep Hues

Modern looks with deep hues and sleek hardware are a top trend right now that designers are in love with. Though traditional and timeless, variations in color make granite up to date and perfect for your next remodel. As far as granite fabrication/fabricator concerns go, it cleans easily, lasts for generations, never stains and saves you money in the long term. Try pairing your granite with black and white artwork as well as small pops of color in bold options. Think bright chairs and fresh, clean lines. When you pair several bold choices with muted ones you statement pieces and countertops will pop.


Quartz with Chic Accents

Coming in beneath granite, quartz is the second best choice for counters that last a quite a while if cared for. Though beautiful, this element is not very heat resistant. If you sit a hot pot down for a moment, you could be looking at a great deal of damage, however, with granite countertops this is not a problem. If you decide to go with quartz, pair it with chic accents to bring out its natural beauty. Vintage chandeliers work wonders as do pops of magenta with intricate woodwork in soft colors like whitewashed eggshell.


Marble with a Traditional Vibe

Marble is a favorite among designers but tends to be very porous, making staining a real concern, unlike granite stone which seals out the yucky stuff. Current and now, this trend works well for a traditional look paired with classic elements of a home-style kitchen. Some designers argue that marble can date a home, but it depends on your own personal style and taste. Some find marble quite timeless.

green grass and flower

Recycled, Environmentally Friendly Countertops

If you are concerned with the world around you, recycled countertops may be right for you. With a unique look, this design mixes papers, plastics, rock and other elements to create a look that is different from the rest. This design works well in apartments and flats for trendy hot spots filled with modern, colorful art. While in a league of its own, it is not very durable. This makes for the possibility of redoing your entire kitchen later on. If this is not a concern for you, it can work if you treat counters with great care.

Of all the trends for the bright New Year, granite takes the win for form and function. A granite contractor in Northern Virginia, like Granite Source, can help you create the kitchen of your dreams that will serve you well for years and years to come. From new beginnings to changing seasons, year after year your granite countertops will keep you on trend and in love with your cooking space, making for a lifetime of memories shared in the kitchen that you love to come home to.