My New Fence Experience

Hi everyone – I don’t usually do this blogging thing, but after my recent experience with Fencing Unlimited here in Mechanicsville, I wanted to let other homeowners in the area to know what they’re missing. Firstly, a little about me, my wife and I are recently married, and we moved out to Mechanicsville with our dog a couple weeks ago. This is both of our first home that we’ve been the owner of, having rented all through college and the few years following, so we’re learning all sorts of new things about home ownership. Some fun things, and some less fun things, like now that we have a yard for our dog; we also need something to keep him from running out into the country.

Suddenly we were in the market for a fence, but what kind of fence? There are so many different options out there! We thought about an invisible fence, but my wife didn’t like the idea of her little baby getting a shock here and there, so that was out. We realized that if we weren’t going to go with an invisible fence, then we were going to need to figure out how to properly integrate a fence with our new house and yard. This sounds like it’s not that big a deal, but when it comes to figuring out all the exact property lines (which are not always as straight as you might think they would be!) and how it’s going to look and where to put gates, it suddenly seemed like an overwhelming and impossible job for us.

I like to think of myself as handy, and I’ve built some things for our home, but when I started looking at what I would need to do to build a fence, I decided it was probably better left to the professionals. There’s a little more precision involved than what I was comfortable with, after all I don’t want to be that guy in the neighborhood with the wonky looking fence. So we started checking out different fencing companies in the area. Some of them seemed nice, but then didn’t have any residential fences, or their quote would be a little out of our price range. Finally we found Fencing Unlimited Inc. online, and they seemed to have what we were looking for at a price we could afford.

We’ve got a fairly large Golden Retriever (his name is Dexter) who likes to run and jump. He’ll run and jump over just about anything, so we knew that the classic white picket fence probably wasn’t going to work for our needs, because there’s no way some little waist-high fence is going to keep Dexter in the yard. But we still wanted a wooden fence for the aesthetic. We called Fencing Unlimited and talked about our options with them, and they suggested we go with a wooden privacy fence. At first I was a little hesitant about closing our backyard off from all of the neighbors like that, but the more I thought about it the better I liked the idea. Dexter certainly wouldn’t be jumping over a privacy fence, and we’d still get the warm aesthetic of real wood instead of aluminum or chain-link fencing.

With our minds made up, we called Fencing Unlimited again, and they set up a time to come by our property and check out the backyard. In a couple of hours they had laid all the plans out and gotten their measurements, they even sold us on the addition of a custom-made arbour for our patio space. Within a couple of weeks we had a brand new backyard. Our fence looks fabulous, and is really going to raise our property values, and we absolutely love the new arbour. It’s the perfect place to have dinner with guests when it’s warm outside, and my wife is currently trying to figure out the best kinds of vines and running plants to grow on it. Best of all, we don’t have to worry about Dexter getting out and running all over creation (because believe me, he would). All of the planning, building, and installation was performed expertly by Fencing Unlimited, and we felt good about supporting a local business in our area.

If you couldn’t tell already, we are so very pleased with our purchase of privacy fence from Fencing Unlimited. If you’re a homeowner that wants to add a new fence to your home, but you’re not sure where to go to get it done, let me be the first to recommend Fencing Unlimited Inc. here in Mechanicsville. They do jobs throughout Central VA, they’re conscientious and professional, and their fences are sturdy and really add to your property.

I know I could’ve probably condensed all of this down into a google review or something, but I just had so much to say about the great job they did installing this fence. I hope this has been a helpful post for anyone out there looking to buy a new fence.

3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Kid’s Room

chalkboard paint

Now that my daughter is four years old, she’s become more and more interested and involved in how her room looks. She’s developing her very own personality, with her own unique interests – today it may be princesses, and tomorrow it may be safari animals. Either way, she seems to be taking right after her mother and already wanting to decorate her room!

When it comes to arranging and decorating my preschooler’s room, it comes down to two basic qualities: fun and functional. I like to include her in some choices so the décor complements her personality, while ensuring that the room is still practical, clean, and organized. Here are a few of the ways that we’ve “spruced up” our daughter’s room over the past few years! If you have any suggestions for our readers, please let us know!

Chalkboard Paint

This has become a really popular concept recently. Several months ago when I picked my daughter up from her Brandon FL child care center, her teacher was telling me about how they had such a great time that day practicing their alphabet on the chalkboard. After the lesson, they had the chance to draw their own pictures. My daughter loved being able to “draw on the wall” and then erase the picture after. That weekend, I had the idea to go to our local home improvement store, pick up some chalkboard paint (around $30 for a quart), and paint an accent wall in her room while she was away at Grandma’s house. It’s been such a great tool for alphabet practice, and for encouraging her blooming creativity as well. And it also discourages her from drawing on the walls!

under bed storageStorage, Storage, Storage

This is where the “functional” part comes in. I like to run a tight ship at home, meaning that all toys get put away after playing and all messes are cleaned up. Proper storage containers help to make this all possible in my daughter’s room, which also tends to function as the playroom. It’s always an easy idea to simply sweep everything under the bed and forget about it, until there’s a huge mess down there. So we built my daughter a small twin-sized bed with plenty of drawers and container space, so no one gets tempted. One of our priorities was to make sure that every piece of storage remained at my daughter’s height or lower, so that nothing in her room would be out of reach. The closet also features a variety of labeled storage bins and baskets for toys and art supplies. Her room isn’t very big, so it’s important for us to amplify already existing space. Other ideas could be benches and ottomans that double as storage.

“Temporary Wall Art”

Like any child her age, my daughter’s interests are constantly changing. While some people like to paint their child’s walls bright pink or bright blue, I know that if I were to do that, she would want a different color the next day. So I like to keep her walls a nice, neutral off-white for now, and instead decorate her room with bright and fun art that suits her interests at the time. I’ve included several very simple frames with her very own artwork that can be easily replaced with new artwork. And even more exciting, I’ve started buying these fantastic wall decals that look permanent but can be easily changed out whenever she’s picked up a new hobby or interest. This is especially where I love to give my daughter some free rein and let her be a little more in control over her surroundings. I’ve found that this also goes a long way in encouraging her to feel more responsible and accountable for taking care of her space!

Those are just my ideas for how to improve my daughter’s room and encourage her own creativity! What ideas do you have?

Beautify and Improve Your Home for Autumn

autumn home

I had the BEST summer… but I won’t lie to you. Now that autumn is here I couldn’t be any happier. Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s the season for colorful, crunchy leaves, comfort food, warm boots, pumpkin patches, the state fair, and hearty food. Did I say food??

My husband and I usually spend all of our time outdoors during the summer, playing with the kids, going down to the river, swimming at the pool, or working in the garden. But as soon as the temperatures start cooling down, we find ourselves spending more and more time indoors. Because of this, autumn is a great time to think about redecorating and renovating your home. With my projects, I try to manage a good balance between fun fall decorating, and much-needed renovations to prepare for the winter.

With my projects, I try to manage a good balance between fun fall decorating, and much-needed renovations to prepare for the winter.

Here are some of the fall home improvement projects that I’m planning to work on this season!

Colorful Decorations and Rich, Warm Fragrances

I love decorating for autumn. My favorite colors to decorate with during the season are varying shades of reds, yellows, and yellows. I especially like to decorate with natural materials, like a beautiful cranberry-studded wreath or a pumpkin and pinecone centerpiece. To make your lovely fall décor all come together, place fragrant candles around your home with aromas like pumpkin spice, cinnamon apple pie, or vanilla. Your home will look and feel like fall!

Repair the Roof

This one isn’t quite as fun as decorating the house, but with winter already around the corner (I know, I know, I hate it too!) it’s important to get these necessary fixes done. We have this one leak in the roof that we’ve been neglecting a bit with a patch, but my husband is going to climb up there this weekend to fix it before anyone can say the word “snow.”

Kitchen Remodeling

I have a huge family, so once the holiday season starts approaching, I immediately think of my kitchen. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is where we spend all of our time! So this fall, I’m going to finally replace all the old, rusty cabinet handles with shiny new ones. It’s a really small “renovation” but it will totally bring some much-needed freshness into the room. We’ve also just got in a whole bunch of assorted handles in the shop, so I might dig through there first!


Yup, you probably saw this one coming. The one down side to the fall: all those wonderful, crunchy leaves clogging up the gutters. This season, we’ve decided to install gutter guards that will hopefully keep all the leaves from falling straight into the gutter. And as the two of us are so busy working at the shop, we’ve gone ahead and scheduled for our local Chesterfield lawn care service to come by every other week to take care of the fallen leaves in the yard. I’m the first one to preach about a clean, welcoming home interior, but you can’t forget about your curb appeal!

Have a happy autumn and a wonderful time beautifying your home!