Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning



Airborne contaminants are inevitably sucked into the duct when the HVAC system is in use.  After a while, these destructive contaminants will cause a buildup inside the air ducts.  The contaminants could include carbon monoxide, bacteria, airborne allergens, animal dander, dust mites, household mold, tobacco smoke and chemicals.


They circulate throughout the home or workplace, polluting the air, aggravating respiratory illnesses and triggering allergies.  Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to these pollutants.


It should be noted that a contaminated HVAC system does not automatically mean the air is unhealthy.  However, this situation could be contributing to larger health issues.  It could also be accumulating contaminants that could trigger serious problems for individuals with autoimmune disorders.


Professional air duct cleaning in Phoenix AZ uses specialized brushes, blowers and vacuums to unclog the intake, supply and return ducts all through the home or office.  Typically, the process also involves a comprehensive cleaning of the registers, air handler, fans, coils, housings, motors and grilles that make up the HVAC system.


There are numerous benefits that can be derived from cleaning air ducts.  They include:


Improved Air Quality


Getting the air ducts cleaned will assist in eliminating poor air quality.  When the air ducts are cleaner, indoor air quality automatically improves.  The cleaning will free the ducts of all unwanted and potentially harmful particles.  It will prevent their release into the living space as well.


Energy Savings


Studies have indicated that between 25 and 40 percent of the energy used during the cooling and heating process is wasted.  Contaminants in the system result in it working harder, which will ultimately shorten the lifespan of the system.  Even though filters are used during the heating and cooling processes, normal use will still cause it to get dirty.  When the system gets a thorough cleaning, it does not have to put in as much work to maintain the desired temperature. As a result, you will use less energy and this will lead to improved energy savings.


Elimination of Odor


As the colonies eat, expand and reproduce, unpleasant odors are produced by fungi and mold.  These awful smells escape through the ductwork and eventually end up in the living area.  Food and perspiration odors can become trapped as well.   This is particularly true in tight homes where these smells subsequently become embedded in the dust clusters that are scattered right through the duct system.  Regularly cleaning the duct removes the materials these smells cling to.  The professionals can put a deodorizer into the system, if you so desire.


Lower Costs for HVAC Repair


Most system failures result from improper maintenance and excessive cycling.  Dirty components and ductwork restrictions could amplify friction loss and drastically lower airflow up to 50 percent.  Cycles that run longer cause extreme stress on critical moving parts.  This could lead to excessive wear and tear and the untimely breakdown of the system.


Many homeowners recognize the significance of regularly servicing their HVAC equipment. Unfortunately, the network of the air duct is mostly neglected until it affects the performance of the whole system.


The air quality outside is influenced by several factors we have no control over.  However, the indoor air can remain safe, clean and healthy.  This can be done by incorporating filtration, duct cleaning, UV protection and ventilation into a complete indoor air quality plan.


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